A Guide to Choosing Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras for Your Home

If you are looking to make sure your home is as secure as it can be from any residential burglaries, here’s a guide for when you are buying a security camera.

With a lot of choices available for you, it can often be tough to find the ideal home security system that can keep your home and the entire family feeling secure and safe from any untoward incident.

Security cameras come in a lot of types with even a lot more features that make one different and often better than others.

This buying guide will help you identify the best security camera system for your home. 

Do You Need a Home Security Camera System?

security cameraEvery home will have its unique security requirements which can determine if getting a home security system would be the best thing for you to do.

Identifying your requirements for a security system at home will also help you find the ideal security camera and its features that will best fit your needs.

  • Do you want to keep your family and loved ones safe when you are all inside your home?
  • Do you want to monitor what happens inside and outside your home at all times?
  • Do you want to make sure that no intruders can enter your home?
  • Do you want to see who’s outside ringing your doorbell without opening the door to a possible intruder?
  • Do you have valuables at home you want to secure from theft?
  • Do you want to secure your home at times when you are away?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then buying a security camera is an excellent option for you. Security cameras have a lot of applications, and with their different features, some can work best in certain situations than others.

However, home camera systems have one thing in common, and it should give you the confidence that you and your home is safer than ever.

Can Your Internet Bandwidth Support the Camera?

Home security cameras that can stream videos and send alerts to your either via text or email can use quite a lot of your home network’s data.

The amount of bandwidth that your camera uses will mainly depend on several factors such as image resolution and sound and motion records.

You also have to consider how many cameras you will want in your security system when it comes to deciding if your internet bandwidth can cater to your security camera needs.

Camera Quality and Resolution

By far, the most crucial element of a security camera and one that should be on top of your list is camera quality. There is no reason for you to have a security system that can’t make up the face of the intruder entering your home because the photo is too grainy. Preferably, you should have a security camera that has the best recording quality.

A resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels should be enough. However, if you are not tight on the budget, then a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels will always be best.

Am I sure you don’t want the images taken to be grainy? Of what use is a security camera if it cannot provide you with clear quality viewing? While buying one, ensure that the camera comes with features of larger resolution with a crisp quality of images and videos.

Types like the IP cameras come with excellent camera quality where you can zoom in to whichever specific object or person you want to view. Sometimes, even though the feature of night vision is useful, without a high resolution of the camera, the function goes futile no matter how strong the night vision may be.

Most manufacturers now focus on making IP cameras with the highest resolution for best results. Usually, security cameras have a resolution of 720 p. The better ones have 1080 p, and for the best ones, you can even go up to a higher range.