Pros and Cons of Using Deadbolt Locking Mechanism

a door lock

There are basically two types of locking mechanisms: latch and deadbolt. The first one consists of a spring-loaded bolt, which may or may not require a key to open. The biggest drawback of this mechanism is that it is very easy to pick. Therefore, property owners who are concerned with the safety of their estate often prefer the best keyless deadbolt because it is believed to provide superior protection. But it is not without some cons.

Here, we’ll discuss in detail the pros and cons of the deadbolt locking mechanism.

The Pros

picking a lockDeadbolts are typically made of a combination of several metals: steel, bronze, and brass. This manufacturing process makes the bolt sturdier than spring latches. And it enables the bolt to extend farther into the door frame without compromising its strength. If you want extra protection, you can have the upgraded version of the single-cylinder deadbolt, which is the double-cylinder one!

If you’re wondering how strong a deadbolt lock is, a deadbolt lock with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Grade 1 specification can withstand ten hammer hits without breaking!

Moreover, a deadbolt lock won’t close automatically because the bolt is not rounded or angled at the end. This feature minimizes your risk of leaving your doors unlocked when you’re in a hurry.

Another advantage of having a deadbolt lock on your doors is to reduce your insurance premium. Some protection packages even require you to have deadbolt locks before you can be an eligible client.

The Cons

a hybrid lock mechanismThe extra protection a deadbolt mechanism can offer is also its disadvantage. It makes it more tedious for you to get out during emergencies. If you don’t get panicked easily, then such a scenario won’t be a problem at all. But if you live with kids or older adults, you will need to train them first about how to unlock the deadbolt locks in times of crisis. Another solution to tackle this disadvantage is to have a combination of latch and deadbolt lock mechanisms at home. Use the latch on the least risky entrance points.

Conclusion and Notes

For your information, deadbolt mechanisms need to be professionally installed so that they can function without failures. And considering how difficult it is for this lock to unlock, you’d better get it only on the riskiest entrance points in your property. If you don’t know how to do so, consult a locksmith first. Therefore, you should think about the factors we discuss above before making your decision.